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Schedule & Speakers

  • Meetings on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month
  • Meeting Agenda:
    • 7:45 to 8:00 – informal networking and light breakfast
    • 8:00 to 9:00
      • 30 second elevator speech by each member
      • Announcements from Chair and members
      • Leads Exchange
      • Presentations on 4thThursday
        • Presentation topics:
          •  educational topics to benefit our members
          •  profile of individual members so all members have a clear understanding of their business and lead source
          • forum for individual members to ask for group’s input on a key challenge they are facing
      • Speakers will be members.  A non-member can be invited to present a topic not covered by our membership.
      • Every 2nd Thursday meeting will be an open discussion.
  • Speaker Schedule:
    • Feb 23  –  Robin Roscillo; Creating a Successful Team
    • Mar 22 – Martha Morris
    • Apr 26 – Tijo Josh
    • May 24 – Lisa Schneider; The Right Social Media Platform for Your Business
    • Jun 28 – Bill Matthews
    • Jul 26  – Mike Coogan; Employee Benefits
    • Aug 23 – Susan Goldman
    • Sep 27 – Pat Russo
    • Oct 25 – Tom McManus; Tax Issues

Suggestions –

  • Schedule informal coffee dates with members in between group meetings to become more familiar with each other’s services
  • Make a list of three things to accomplish between group meetings to continually add to the success of the group, whether it be coffee dates or suggestions for group, etc.
  • Establish connections with members who can be a center of influence for you
  • Establish connections with members for whom you can be a center of influence
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