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Wilton Chamber of Commerce Leads Group

Making Connections, Developing Relationships, Growing Businesses


The Leads Group presents an opportunity for its members to understand each other’s businesses and to represent each member to a potential connection.



Goals of the Leads Group –


  • Each member will be an advocate and sales representative for each other
  • Leads Group members will be recognized as experts in their fields to all Chamber members
  • Leads Group members will present seminars at the Chamber level, the Wilton Library, and other community organizations
  • The Leads Group will have a page on the Chamber’s website, to include:
    • Purpose of Leads Group
    • List of members
    • Synopsis of members
    • A link to each member’s website
    • Representation of the Leads Group at each Chamber event
    • Maintain an open invitation to all Chamber members to attend any meeting as an introduction to the Leads Group or to take advantage of a particular seminar topic presented by the Group
    • Post our schedule of meetings and presentations in the Chamber’s newsletter



Membership Criteria –


  • Must be a member of the Wilton Chamber of Commerce
  • Industry representation by one member only
  • Maximum number of members: 25
  • Each member must present a synopsis of their business for the group’s benefit in representing them
    • The synopsis will be published on the Leads Group page of the Chamber website
    • The synopsis will be distributed to local organizations such as the Newcomer’s Club
    • Regular attendance is strongly encouraged by all members.  If a member has difficulty with regular attendance and another member in their industry is interested in joining the group, the Chair of the Leads Group will have a conversation with the member regarding the situation.
    • Leads Group members are strongly encouraged to attend Chamber Business After Hours events to be recognized as a source of expertise to and for the Chamber



Attributes of members –


  • Strong commitment to make connections, develop relationships, represent each member, and increase our business through the Leads Group
  • Offers a level of professionalism as a Wilton Chamber of Commerce member
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