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Overseas Travel with Electrical Apparatus

by on November 17, 2011

New post by Judy White on Wilton Travel Tapas:

A frequently asked question from those about to travel abroad is whether or not their electrical devices will work.  And the answer is yes and no.

Obviously it depends on where you’re going.  North American operates on 110-120 volts while most of the rest of the world uses 220-240V.  Plugging in a device without checking the voltage can result in the destruction of your apparatus or even damage the operating system of the outlet you used.

First of all, do you really need it?
We all are such creatures of habit and when packing for a trip tend to think we need to bring more than we actually need, especially personal appliances such as a hair dryer, travel iron, clothes steamer and beverage heater (check to see if they are dual voltage).  In this day and age, most hotels provide these as standard in room amenities, so we have second thoughts about this added baggage weight. (continue reading)


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