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Business Smarts Series: Website Marketing Strategies & Social Media Integration

by on October 26, 2011

The second of this fall’s Business Smarts Series was held at the Wilton Library on October 26 and it did live up the advanced billing. Rob Petersen talked about internet marketing, with a focus on web sites and social media.

Rob’s consulting practice, BarnRaisers, is case study in this area itself. According to his presentation, two years ago he started his business, right into the teeth of the recession. Out of necessity he used a strategy that he heard presented at a similar seminar at the library. He used WordPress for his web site and blog. He used Facebook and Twitter to extend his web presence. Sound familiar? He didn’t talk any numbers, but he is obviously very busy with clients and Rutgers asked him to teach about B2B web marketing. The university found his blog and followed him for a while before they contacted him.

Follow Rob Petersen
I did take some notes but I should be receiving a copy of his presentation and I will make it available to whoever would like to have it. In the meantime I suggest you do what I’m going to do. and that is visit his web site and follow his blog. I think he said he posts about once a week. That shouldn’t over burden anybody’s time too much. For his BarnRaisers web site, click here.

Let me just say, if you have an opportunity to attend a presentation by Rob, make a point of doing it. You will not be disappointed.

And finally a Halloween treat. Rob described a series of videos that a company, Blendtec, did featuring the president and founder, Tom Clarkson. The videos are on YouTube and show Tom grinding up different objects, like say an iPhone. Enjoy!

  1. Thanks for this report, Bill. I would like a copy of the handout when you receive it.

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