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Beating a Dead Horse?

by on October 19, 2011

At the risk of “beating a dead horse”, I’m going to continue to focus on the “Why” of content marketing and by association, social media. The reasons are twofold; one, we are witnessing something like nothing before, and two; this is a phenomena that, like it or not, is affecting just about everybody’s business, or soon will be. It is the “elephant in the room”.

Here are a few supporting points:

  1. In late 2007, Facebook had just reached 50 million users worldwide. Just last month, only four years later, Facebook announced it had reached the 800 million user mark . (Digital Sherpa)
  2. Facebook gets more page visits than any site on the internet, even in front of search engines like Google and Yahoo. (Digital Sherpa)
    Think about that, “More visits than Google”
  3. It’s not just Facebook that is having a monster impact on the Internet traffic market share. Major players like Twitter, Linkedin and Tumblr are increasing traffic daily and have world traffic rank of 9, 12 and 46 respectively. (Digital Sherpa)

What are these data telling us? They are saying, “The people you would like to sell to are using social media. Maybe not looking for you, but they are there.”

Should you be there too?

There is a lot more that can be said, and will be. I’d love to hear what you think. Chime in with a comment or two.

  1. I am still trying to figure out whether Facebook and Twitter are right for me. I use Linked In, and thanks to Bill, I now blog. I am comfortable with both and recognize their value to me. But I am not at any comfort level yet with Facebook and Twitter.

    To be continued …

  2. Maybe it’s OK to just sit tight on FB & Twitter for a bit. And maybe it’s time now to have your own blog.

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