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Business Smarts Series – 10/12/2011: Websites 3.0

by on October 13, 2011

The first of this fall’s business series, jointly sponsored by the Wilton Library, SCORE, and the Chamber, was held on Wednesday, 10/12 at the Library. I didn’t count the attendees, but I’d say there was somewhere between 60 and 80 in the audience. Pretty good.

Pam Barnett of Barnett Associates LLC made the presentation. It really wasn’t about Web 3.0, which had it been, would have been a futuristic  discussion of little use to anybody there. Instead the presentation was really more “How to Get a  Website 101”. Since most of the people there already had a web site, some of the basic concepts were perhaps a little too basic.

That said, Pam did offer a number of good ideas and the audience had quite a number of questions when Pam talked about e-commerce, mostly about payment processing. That portion of her talk extended for some time. She also spent time on the subject of domain name selection and registration, which I have found is often very vague in people’s minds, even those with established web sites. Pam did stress analyzing your requirements for a web site and doing a thorough job of planning before jumping in. And I say Amen!

I expect to receive a copy of Pam’s presentation, or a close facsimile, via email. I’ll make a quick post here when I receive it, and make it available to anybody interested.

The next seminar in this series is Wednesday, October 26, at same time of 8:00 AM. The subject is “Website Marketing and Social Media Integration”. The presenter is Rob Peterson, I believe, and from his advance billing at the first session, he should be worth listening to. The subject is certainly getting a lot of attention these days. I plan to be there and if I don’t see most of the Leads Group there, I’ll post another summary.


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