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an introduction

by on October 12, 2011

This is our first post and really like to thank Bill Mathews and the Wilton Chamber Leads Group for inspiring us to start blogging!

Staying true to our line of business, we will try to cover varying topics on education and our thoughts on related topics. Along the way we will try to provide some tips that can be useful for students and parents alike. Perhaps we can even have a discussion on a topic or two.

To briefly introduce ourself; we are one of the 60 plus franchise centers of The Tutoring Center across the country providing after school tutoring for students PreK through 12th grade.

Everything we do is research based, proven and aligned with our founding principles of IQuEST (Integrity, Quality, Enthusiasm, Service and Teamwork). We use a combination of One-to-One instruction and our patent pending Rotational Approach to Learning methodology to rapidly increase a child’s academic skills, while improving attention span, concentration and focus.

Although we teach how to write this does not come easy. Perhaps its time to spend some time with some of our instructors.



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  1. Way to go Tj! The hardest one is now behind you (the first one). Keep up the good work.

  2. TJ, We’re all blessed to have Bill to encourage us, trust him & you can’t go wrong. I can’t believe I’m actually getting to like this! Good luck

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