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Picking Up On Content Marketing

by on October 5, 2011

Last week I lamented in a post that I could not succinctly put forth the reason(s) a small business should would benefit from Content Marketing. I believed it but the words weren’t there.

Well, it’s still work-in-process to some degree, and maybe always will be, but I think now I can define Content Marketing without saying it’s a blog, or Facebook, or Twitter, and so on. Not that Social Media isn’t a major player in the execution of Content Marketing. It is, but Social Media doesn’t define Content Marketing. So what is Content Marketing? I’m glad you asked…

Content Marketing is:

Delivering information to a targeted audience that will benefit members of that audience in several possible ways (e.g.):

  1. solving a problem
  2. clarifying an issue
  3. increasing knowledge
  4. teaching a skill
  5. providing entertainment

At the same time benefiting the information provider (e.g.):

  1. increasing audience confidence in the business
  2. enhancing the brand
  3. creating and/or expanding demand
  4. developing business leads

Content marketing addresses the needs of the audience, not the sales promotion objectives of the provider.

Content marketing is not:

  1. Direct promotion of a business or organization
  2. Explicit product & service advertising

Content Marketing with Social Media Leads to An interactive Community

When Content Marketing is put on the Social Media Platform communication can become many-to-many instead of one-to-many, and the audience, along with information provider, can become an on-line community, or part of a larger community.

That community may include more than one provider of similar products and services. The business that serves the community best, most likely through the combination of Content Marketing and Social Media, can emerge as a leader, and be best positioned to enjoy a larger share of the business generated by the community.

The risk in not participating in such a community is clear; other businesses providing beneficial content may become the leaders and those who opted out, either by conscious decision or by being unaware, may quickly lose market share. In such an environment recovering market position becomes a daunting task at best.

What every business can do is to make the effort to create or participate in such a community.

What every business cannot do is keep such a community from existing by not participating.

And there will likely not be an engraved invitation to participate.

Think about the possible benefits to the business using Content Marketing listed above. We’ll pick up there on the next post.


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