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Content Marketing: Why?

by on September 29, 2011

I have been remiss in my attention to making my own posts. I apologize for that and will try to do better. Content Marketing is the subject that has grabbed me and I have been looking at different blogs, and such, over the internet. I have been focused on the question of “Why should a small business get interested in Content Marketing?” I find plenty of ideas about “What and How”, but not a lot on the “Why”. It seems many authors assume that is a given, and they are here to tell you how to do it.

My reason for this focus on “Why” isn’t complicated. I look around at our table on Thursday mornings twice a month and see people that I believe could benefit from employing a Content Marketing strategy, but I cannot summon up the words that explicitly express the “Why” of my believe. For now it’s more of a feeling than a rational thought. I believe in it but haven’t been able to succinctly put it in words.

So that is my quest Sancho, to find the rational and words that make Content Marketing a viable strategy for small, and very small, businesses. Any ideas that would contribute to this effort are solicited and gratefully received.

In the meantime, betting on the come, I’ll offer thoughts that hopefully are helpful for those who, in one way or another, are moving ahead with Content Marketing and using Social Media. Here are three thoughts I found on the blog, Digital Sherpa.

Create Content Consistently

You might be the Michael Jordan of blogging, and it won’t matter a lick if you aren’t regularly putting content on your website. There’s multiple benefits to blog consistently:

  1. Search engines recognize it. Google and other search engines put a premium on websites who regularly feed content on to the web, and their give priority on search results as a reward. This doesn’t mean you have to blog multiple times a day (and you actually probably shouldn’t, more on that in a moment), but you have to keep it frequent.
  2. Your readers will forget about you. Even if you are creating really engaging and interesting content, you’ll lose the return viewers after a couple visits when they don’t see something fresh. Have you had an experience when you really enjoyed a blog or website, but gave up because there was nothing new each time you came back to check it out? People don’t want to be overwhelmed because we’re all busy people, but at least a few pieces of content a week to keep people coming back and engaged is a must for your blog.
  3. You’ll lose touch. If you have ever blogged (or created any content), you know how hard it is to stay engaging and relevant when you’ve taken off an unusual amount of time. Your visitors will notice it too.

Share, Share, Share!

It’s great to have a strong readership on your blog, but don’t ever lose sight of the big picture. There are millions people that are interested in what you have to say that have no idea you exist. Share your content on social networks. And that doesn’t just mean Facebook and Twitter. Research and find other social networks that you think could bring you attention and share there. Send out e-mails letting your readers and prospects know you have new content. Ask a friend of family member to do the same (sometimes it helps if it doesn’t come from the owner). Creating your piece of content is only the first part of the process, it doesn’t end when you publish. Create->Publish->Share

Also, add sharing buttons and links to your website. Give your new and regular readers a chance to share your content through their own networks. Place them where they have high visibility to remind your readers that you are on these networks and that they can connect to you that way also.

Engage (Linking and Commenting)

An often forgotten method of networking is linking. Creating links to the right website and sources can lead to further engagement and traffic. Is there a website or blog you enjoy whom might add value to your own? Remember that bloggers and webmasters are always checking their analytics to see who is linking to them and why. Quote and link to other sources, they might stop by to say hey, or better yet they might return the favor (and lend you their traffic).

Don’t forget to check the comments section on your blogs. Someone who cares enough to give you feedback is a very valuable asset. These are people who will share your content in their networks and spread the word. Answer their questions, check out their websites if they link to them (and return the comment favor) and most importantly, learn from the compliments or advice they give.



  1. tutoringcenterwilton permalink

    Bill, excellent points. But I am finding it very hard to start. Perhaps once you start you can get it going… I hope.

  2. Tijo, if I can be of any assistance with helping you get started, I’m more than happy to do that. Just let me know!

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