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Efficient Computer Shortcuts

by on September 28, 2011

Home is where you hang your @.

                                                    ~Author Unknown ~

 Efficient Computer Shortcuts

In my never-ending quest for efficiency, I opt to use as many computer shortcuts as possible.  To that end, I have listed some of my favorite and most-often used PC shortcuts for your efficiency pleasure.

Ctrl A                        Highlight (select) all text

Ctrl C                        Copy selected text

Ctrl V                        Paste selected text

Ctrl X                        Cut selected text

Ctrl B                        Bold selected text

Ctrl I                         Italicize selected text

Ctrl U                       Underline selected text

Ctrl S                        Save document

Ctrl 1                         Single space selected text

Ctrl 2                        Double space selected text

Home                       Move cursor to beginning of line

Ctrl Home            Move cursor to beginning of document

End                           Move cursor to end of line

Ctrl End                 Move cursor to end of document

To create this blog, I opened Word where I created this document, hit Ctrl A and Ctrl C to select and copy the text.  Then I opened WordPress and hit Ctrl V to paste the text here.


Robin Roscillo, Back Office Solutions provides a listing of shortcuts


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