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What is Content Marketing?

by on September 6, 2011

Everyone who knows what Content Marketing is raise your hands. Hmm, I don’t see a lot of hands raised out there. To be honest mine isn’t very high either. But I was reading a blog post on Social Media that went into Content Marketing, I thought, “Eureka!” Social Media is the “How” and Content Marketing is the “Why”.

Are you confused yet? OK, let me quote from Hedi Cohen:

“Content marketing is non-promotional information that entertains and/or helps your prospects, customers and the public while supporting your purchase process.”

The key words here are “non-promotional information that entertains and/or helps“. Content Marketing is Not advertising or other forms of promotion. It Is providing useful information that builds an audience and respect for you and/or your brand. And Social Media is an important way to convey that information to the market.

Want to see a good example of this? Try David Santucci’s post just before Irene hit, “Am I Covered?” In one paragraph David did a nice job of covering several important points about insurance coverage for a major storm such as the on-rushing Irene. And he did it without promoting his insurance product directly, but indirectly he helped himself, as well as the people that read his post. I for one, look forward to more posts from David like this one.

A final thought, I’m going to get into this topic of Content Marketing, especially the junction of Content Marketing and Social Media, on further posts. I welcome any and all comments and suggestions.

  1. robinroscillo permalink

    Ahha! I had my own eureka moment too!

    My Efficiency Solutions are content marketing, and I use social media to distribute them (also known as email marketing).

    I have an Efficiency Solution going out today. Hope it helps!


  2. Susan Goldman permalink

    Bill – thank you for an informative post. I look forward to your further updates on this topic. What you describe is exactly what I would strive to do in a post, and I’ll be giving that a try soon.

    • Thank you Susan, I appreciate the nice words. There is a follow up post scheduled for Friday morning at 9:00. Please jump in soon with your own posts. I think you work in an area that is rich with potential to provide useful and informative content. Of course I’m around if you’d like some help 🙂

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