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Am I Covered?

by on August 26, 2011

Many people have been calling me asking me if they are covered for the impending Hurricane “Irene”  The short answer is yes, but with caveats.  One, if your house is on the coastal waters, you may need a seperate policy for Hurricane(typically found on FL properties)  Secondly, if you are not on the coastal waters, but still close by you may have a wind deductible or hurricane deductible. So  if you have a covered loss (ie tree falls on your home, not in the yard, but on the house)  You could be facing a Wind/hurricane deductible  typically 2% ofthe dwelling coverage amount, so for example a $250,000 dwelling coverage would have a $5,000 wind/hurricane deductible.  The rest of us would have a standard deductible typically $1000.00 ( could be more, could be less).   If you are unsure of your deductible, or if you are not sure it  is a covered loss speak with your Insurance agent before placing a claim.  Deductibles are your share of the cost of a covered loss.  Higher deductible mean lower premiums, but higher expense when there is a loss.  Your insurance agent can help guide you which deductible would be in your best interest.


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  1. Good summary information David!

  2. robinroscillo permalink

    Thanks for this very valuable information.

    Good luck to everyone during the storm.

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