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Great Meeting Yesterday

by on August 12, 2011

We had a great meeting yesterday morning.  Present were David Santucci, Bill Mathews, Tom McManus, Martha Morris, Tijo Josh, Judy White and myself.

Our discussion centered on the purpose of the Leads Group, which is to network, develop our relationships and grow our businesses.  All of these can lead to our referring business to Leads Group members.  Bill  Mathews encouraged all of us to subscribe to the Chamber Leads Group blog, which is where I am posting this note.  We can use this blog to post information about ourselves, the services we offer, the type of client that is a good lead for us.  If one of us posts a blog, we can continue the topic and share more thoughts and information by responding to the posts.  All of this helps us to become a more successful networking group.  The more successful we are as such, the more visible we can become to the Chamber members at large.

Torie mentioned the Leads Group in last week’s Chamber newsletter.  Thank you, Torie.  Through the blog, we can post information which Torie can use in the newsletter.    I will discuss with Torie adding a link to the Leads Group on the Chamber’s website.  (Since Torie is a subscriber, I think I just did ask her)!  Because this is a public blog, all Chamber members can see it.  The more visible we are as businesses, the better our networking efforts are.

Having said that, I also encourage all Leads Group member to make use of this blog.  After the last meeting, we sent around instructions for getting into WordPress.  Bill has offered to assist anyone who needs help in getting this set up.

We hope you blog with us.


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